ARCH2B - Dwelling in the City

Architecture // 2017

A project focused heavily on site analysis, site restrictions. information gathering and problem solving. These were the key themes throughout this project. 
Dwelling in the City is a housing development project focused on creating an apartment building comprised of six two-bedroom apartments and two one-bedroom apartments located on Little Bull Close Road, Norwich. Admittedly not the most exciting of projects but a very important one, especially at such an early stage in my career. This project aimed to bring us down to earth, as students we are often encouraged to explore, experiment and be almost outlandish at times. I think this is massively important but we do also need to consider what architecture in reality is. The site chosen is purposely uninspiring; combined with restrictions both socially and physically. The challenge in ourselves is to be inspired still with our own architecture to create a design that suites the needs of the clients alongside our own creative needs. 
This project has a lot of information attached to it, all of which informs each design choice of this product. With the themes being centered around realism, I set out both my presentation and visualisation skills in the same way. Aiming to create something that is worthy of being called professional with the design itself being visualised on its site realistically.​​​​​​​
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