1989 - 2004
In the period titled for this body of work, my grand father Brian Woodfine took thousands of film photos of the United Kingdom's countryside. Once retired, he and my nana traveled all over to explore what was on offer. This then led him to eventually to develop an interest in watercolour painting, of which he had no inherent talent, but instead worked on his craft until he became a seriously fine painter. Never looking to sell or display his work.
In the later years of my teens, life was not so kind to me, there was a lot going on and I had a lot of growing up to do very quickly. I used art as an outlet to avoid the things that were at times too much to handle. I used the same film photos from my grand father which I inherited and spent much of my free time creating the works I am presenting here. I can happily say now that life is much better and am happy to share these paintings.